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Investment philosophy

H2O AM aims to provide not only risk-adjusted performance at portfolio level but also transparency and liquidity.
"Transparency means that our clients know all about our research, methodology and risk allocation before as well as after investing.
Liquidity gives our clients the assurance of knowing that they can move in and out of our funds on a daily basis, and that our investments are closely monitored to satisfy this requirement."

H20 AM funds provide institutional, corporate and private investors with privileged access to global macro strategies within UCITS funds.

"We use a top-down approach to find a balance between enhancing value and mitigating risk through a statistical and objective diversification."

The three pillars of our investment process are as follows:

  • over the long run, value investment offers a strong and stable success ratio;
  • diversification creates value and it is the best way to absorb short & medium term volatility;
  • risk is always an input, never an output, in order to generate structural risk-adjusted Alpha.

"We examine the relative value of different sectors, segments and countries to make our final selection.

We quantify and monitor risk throughout our investment process, from beginning to end. So, when we talk to our investors the focus is again on risk/reward rather than performance only."

Our style is to look for value over a one - to five - year investment horizon and to reduce short term fluctuations. We seek opportunity in as wide an investment universe as possible. This is why our funds are global and may be spread across a wide range of asset classes – government and corporate bonds, currencies and equities – in over forty countries across the globe.