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UK: Internet notice H2O Allegro 22/03/2017

Modifications to the prospectus of the Mutual Fund H2O Allegro

We wish to inform unitholders of the H2O Allegro mutual fund:

H2O Allegro FR0011015460 R - C EUR
H2O Allegro FR0011973627 HR - C USD
H2O Allegro FR0011973601* HR - C SGD
H2O Allegro FR0011973585* HR - C CHF
H2O Allegro FR0011006188 I - C EUR
H2O Allegro FR0011192327 HI - C GBP
H2O Allegro FR0011973635 HI - C USD
H2O Allegro FR0011973619* HI - C SGD
H2O Allegro FR0012518389* HI - C CHF
H2O Allegro FR0013186632* HI - C AUD
H2O Allegro FR0013076973* M - D EUR
H2O Allegro FR0013186673* N - C EUR
*The unit class is not registered in The United-Kingdom.

managed by H2O Asset Management LLP, that :

  • A maximum holding of 5% is to be added for contingent convertible bonds in the H2O Allegro mutual fund. This statement shall be added to the prospectus in section “B-1 Debt securities, similar securities and financial instruments”.
  • Change of name of the depositary from previously CACEIS Bank France to CACEIS Bank
  • Regulatory update of the prospectus (including Securities Financing, Transactions Regulation), AMF recommendation on the display of charges, new denomination of negotiable term notes…)

The other features of the H2O Allegro mutual fund remain unchanged.

These changes will take effect from 24th of April 2017.

The mutual fund’s prospectus has been updated to include these changes. The other provisions of the prospectus remain unchanged.

The Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) and the Prospectus of the H2O Allegro are available:
- from the registered office of H2O AM LLP:10 Old Burlington Street, London, W1S 3AG, United Kingdom. These documents will be sent to you within eight working days of receipt of a written request.
- at the following website: www.h2o-am.com.
- and from the facilities agent Société Générale Securities Custody London, 9th Floor Exchange House 12 Primrose Street EC2A 2EG London England