Communication on entry fees 19/07/2019

H2O AM LLP informs you that:


As from Thursday 1 August, 2019:

H2O Multi Aggregate:

The entry fee of up to 5% payable to the fund on the A share-classes is reinstated (ie. the historical shares).


As from Monday 2 September, 2019:

H2O Largo, H2O Adagio, H2O Allegretto, H2O Moderato, H2O Allegro & H2O MultiBonds:

The entry fee of 5% payable to the fund on the Retail (R) share-classes is reinstated.
Please note that there is no changes on SR shares.

For the Institutional (I) and No-Rebate (N) share-classes, H2O’s Executive Committee is still discussing the grid to be applied and will confirm shortly.

H2O MultiStrategies & H2O Vivace:

The fixed 5% entry fee payable to the funds applied to all share-classes is removed and replaced by an entry fee of up to 5% to be paid to the Management Company.