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About H2O AM

Co-founded in 2010 by four partners, H2O was established around the core values of Performance, Liquidity and Transparency.



Portfolio Managers

1 EUR bn

Assets under management as of 30/12/2022


Years of Experience in Asset Management


An experienced global macro team.

H2O Asset Management LLP (“H2O”) is a global macro investment management company founded in August 2010. In addition to its main office in London, H2O has opened offices in Monaco (H2O AM Monaco), in Singapore (H2O AM Asia), in Paris (H2O AM Europe) and in Geneva (H2O AM Switzerland), which, alongside the London office, form one fully integrated investment process and platform.

H2O is an alternative investment house, democratising accessibility to Global Macro investment, our edge lies in building value strategies across multiple asset classes through diversified carry. We bolster allocation through decorrelated alpha, acknowledging risk as inherent to performance.


What defines us.


A long-term, top-down, mostly relative value, and unconstrained approach.

Investors’ market perception and management biases offer a prime source of performance.


Discretionary investment decisions backed by strong in-house engineering.

Long short strategies driven by market factor analysis


Focus on portfolio construction: diversification by horizon, asset classes and instruments.

Full consistency between view establishment, risk allocation and performance attribution.

At the corporate level H2O promotes sustainability and environmental awareness, and has implemented the following in an effort to reduce our footprint:

  • Incorporate energy and water efficiency measures including the use of energy efficient lighting, computer monitors and electric appliances
  • Promote efficient use of resources in all areas of business activity
  • Implement waste management strategies that promote waste minimisation, including removal of plastic and paper cups, recycling programme across the office premises, use of reusable cups, water bottles and cutlery. We aim to ensure that our waste is disposed of in a way that minimises its impact on the environment
  • Promote the use of eco friendly transportation for business travel, as well as the use of the cycle-to-work scheme internally: a large proportion of our staff commutes to work an environment-friendly way (walking, running, cycling, taking the underground)
  • Take into account the environmental impact of products we use (carbon neutral paper, recycled office stationary and other office supplies)
  • Ensure that our staff is aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them through awareness raising.
Protection against dilution

Swing Pricing Policy

In its wish to safeguard the interests of its long-term holders, H2O Asset Management has been implementing a swing pricing mechanism since 2017 based on the methodology recommended by the French Asset Management Association’s (AFG) charter.
The introduction of the swing pricing solely concerns the following UCITS funds:

  • H2O Adagio FCP
  • H2O Moderato FCP
  • H2O MultiBonds FCP
  • H2O MultiStrategies FCP
  • H2O Vivace FCP
  • H2O Allegro FCP
  • H2O EuroAggregate
  • H2O MultiEquities FCP
  • H2O Largo
  • H2O MultiAggregate Fund
  • H2O Multi Emerging Debt Fund
  • H2O EuroSovereign
  • H2O EuroSovereign 3-5 years
  • H2O MultiAsia